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Fishing Trips


Trophy Trout & Kokanee Fishing in Eastern Washington


Abundant Walleye & Trophy Pike Fishing Trips


Summer & Fall Salmon Fishing on the Columbia River

Lake Roosevelt Fishing Trips

Walleye/Pike Fishing

Walleye are great table fare and highly sought after for their white, flaky, meat. Lake Roosevelt features some excellent walleye fishing. New to the lake are big Pike - ferocious predators that are fun to catch.


Lake Roosevelt is well known for its great trout and kokanee fisheries. Captain Dave deploys planer boards to ensure good action and lot's of catching of these delicious fish!


Chase these dinosaurs with Captain Dave! Located near Kettle Falls, WA this fishery is considered one of the state's best for retention sturgeon.

Lake Roosevelt Fishing Trips

Lake Roosevelt is one of Washington's premier fishing destinations. With lots of water nestled into a dramatic setting, few destinations offer fisheries with the diversity and  quality. From trophy kokanee and keeper sturgeon to plentiful rainbow and walleye,  Lake Roosevelt is a "must" for anglers of all  levels. Typically depart from Spring Canyon, Keller Ferry, Lincoln, Seven Bays, and Fort Spokane.


2 person minimum $175 per person

3 person, $150 per person

4 person, $125 per person

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Spokane Area Lakes Fishing Trips

Loon Lake

Popular for its unique night fishing for Kokanee.  Catch a limit before midnight, and one after! Located one hour north of Spokane.


Sprague Lake features BIG rainbow trout. Catching a five pound trout with Captain Dave is a real possibility. Located just 45 minutes west of Spokane.

Long Lake

One of Washington State's best opportunities to catch trophy Pike, Long Lake is located within 30 minutes from Spokane.

Spokane Area Lakes Fishing Trips

Hundreds of lakes near Spokane...Loon Lake, Williams Lake, Medical Lake, Long Lake, Newman Lake, Badger Lake, Sprague Lake, Deer Lake


2 person minimum $175 per person

3 person, $150 per person

4 person, $125 per person

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Columbia River Salmon Fishing

Upper Columbia Area Summer Salmon

Fishing Brewster, Wells Dam, Chelan Falls

Fall King Salmon Fishing

Hanford Reach, Vernita Bridge, Priest Rapids Dam

Eastern Washington Salmon Fishing Charters

Home of the now infamous annual Sockeye Salmon run up  the  Okanagon River, the "Brewster Pool" can offer some of  the  hottest salmon fishing around. These beautiful fish are great tasting  and the action...well it's salmon fishing like no  other! And don't forget the King Salmon! 

Some call it chasing "upriver brights" or "dragons". For me  these monster fish are the highlight of my season. Fishing  takes place at the Hanford Reach up to Priest Rapids Dam on the beautiful Columbia River for some of the biggest  Chinooks  of the year.

Available in September and October only.


2 person minimum, $250 per person

3 person, $200 per person

4 person, $175 per person

Half Day Trips, contact Dave for availability

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